Design Features

Here's what makes the Sealing Ceiling™ unique ...

  • Sealing Ceiling™ works. Custom-designed, engineered and professionally installed. There will be no leaks. Guaranteed.
  • Sealing Ceiling™ is vinyl. You can select from more than 31 colors and eight wood tones in two finishes to match or complement your home.
  • It can take a bump from a ball or hockey stick and not dent like aluminum.
  • The vinyl Sealing Ceiling™ is resistant to damage should ice build up in the winter.
  • It is the same color throughout the material. An accidental scratch will hardly show.
  • Vinyl is compatible with treated wood that forms the basis of most decks.
  • Vinyl is quiet. No “rain on a tin roof” noise to disturb your evening or sleep.
  • Sealing Ceiling™ provides a “flat” finished sealing that fits tight to the gutters and edge trim eliminating nesting places for birds and other critters.
  • The deep, water-handling panels and critical drain pitch assure that capillary action or surface tension will not cause leaks between panels or along edges — even in the heaviest rainfall.
  • Vinyl (or vinyl-backed aluminum) flashing panels are used along the ledger board, fascia and over support beams to direct water to the drain system. Vinyl flashing and vinyl-protected aluminum are compatible with treated lumber.
  • The Sealing Ceiling™ is installed with stainless (or specialized finish) fasteners and attaching hardware compatible with treated lumber.
  • Color coordinated six-inch commercial gutters and 3x4-inch downspouts are used to assure normal debris (leaves, seeds, twigs, etc.,) that fall through the deck boards will simply be washed away.
  • The Sealing Ceiling™ can be installed with ceiling fans, recessed lights, accent lighting, speakers or a suspended swing to enhance the use of your below-deck patio or seating area.
  • Sealing Ceiling™ is guaranteed.
  • Sealing Ceiling™ is easy to care for. Maintenance is as easy as hosing it down and wiping away the drips.