Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install an under-deck ceiling myself?

The simple answer to that question is yes. There are kits on the market that you can purchase and can install yourself. Our trademark Sealing Ceiling™ is not a kit. Each deck is unique and requires unique design and engineering solutions. The size and shape of your deck dictate those parameters and require careful attention to detail during installation to assure satisfactory function. Our technicians are trained to install your Sealing Ceiling™ to meet those requirements and provide a fully functional and beautiful finished product. You will not be disappointed.

The Sealing Ceiling™ is vinyl. How does this compare to aluminum?

The vinyl Sealing Ceiling™ works. It is quiet — “no rain on a tin roof” noise, durable (10-year warranty), will not dent, is easy to clean and it is easy to remove and replace (even by the homeowner) in the event that something has to be accessed. Sealing Ceiling™ comes in 31 colors and wood finishes. And because the color is throughout the vinyl product — a cut or scratch will not be obvious.

How much will my new Sealing Ceiling™ Cost?

The cost of a new ceiling depends on the materials selected, the size and shape of your deck and the final water handling requirements of your home. Our representative will make careful measurements, and suggest materials. The final price will be determined by your selection of materials and the design challenges of your deck.

What happens to all the leaves and other debris that fall on the deck and are washed through the deck boards?

Our system is designed to handle that debris. The slope of the ceiling and the pitch and size of the gutter and downspout assure that any debris is simply washed away.

I live in Michigan. What about ice dams or water back ups?

The materials and design of the water handling system minimizes the affect of ice or snow build up. We have been installing this system since 2001 and have not had an ice build up problem.

Our home is in a wooded area with lots of critters running about and birds that nest on the support beams of our deck. Will this ceiling prevent birds from getting into the joists?

The finished Sealing Ceiling™ is closed off at all openings to the joists and beams. The finished ceiling does not provide a nesting place for birds and is not accessible to mice, chipmunks or other of our friends from the woodlots.

What if I need to get to the underside of our deck for maintenance or to fix a problem?

Our ceiling panels are removable and can be taken down individually for problem solving or installation of new deck features. Some special tools might be required to do this but the work can usually be handled by the homeowner, or our specially trained technicians.

What if I want to install a ceiling fan or lights at a later date?

Fans and lights can be installed at a later date but require certified electrical installation with inspection to local codes. In addition, we would have to provide special flashing to assure the affected ceiling area is kept free of water incursion. It is best to plan ahead and provide for lights and/or fans in advance. Our technicians can help with these details.

I power wash our deck each spring. Will that hurt the new ceiling?

Normal deck maintenance is not an issue with our ceiling. The cleaning materials and water rinse are simply handled by the ceiling and the result is a clean deck and clean area under the deck — How about that!

I have a question specific to our deck. How can I get an answer to a special issue?

You can contact our office by phone at 517-304-8828, by email at or fill out the form on the Contact Us page of our website.