The Sealing Ceiling™ under-deck ceiling is custom designed and engineered by Acorn Deck Accessories for your unique deck and water handling needs. This system is competitively priced based on the materials selected and the particular needs or requirements of each deck.

The price of a Sealing Ceiling™ for your deck will be determined by a thorough analysis of your deck needs, the materials you select and the complexity of the water handling system required.

The Sealing Ceiling™ is priced as a complete system including flashings along the ledger board at the house and fascia and above all the existing beams and supports. Color coordinated six-inch commercial gutters and 3x4 inch downspouts are used and included in the price.

All fasteners and attachments are stainless steel or otherwise compatible with treated deck lumber. The price also includes 10-year warranty on all materials and two years on labor. The Sealing Ceiling™ is guaranteed.

A free analysis and estimate for your ceiling can be obtained by calling our home office at 517-304-8828 or by sending an email to This estimate will require about an hour of your time and access to your deck for measurements and material requirements. Please feel free to contact us by phone, email or the Contact Us page.